Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Blessed New Year !

Finally my year end crazyness and buzyness is finally over. The 2nd day of the new year marks the wedding day of my beloved sister. Was so buzy preparing for her wedding far the past one month. Simply because i was given an important task by my sister to do all 630 pairs of chopsticks which is given out as a wedding favor. Once again i manage to break my record by finishing this task within a months time i.e less than 3 weeks. Fingers were sore after that. But it was worth it as it is done for my sister. Oh ya, not forgetting i was given the privilage to tie and decorate the wedding car too. Here are some pictures taken to share with all of you.

So the year begin with this special and big event and also not forgetting i have a new "cheh fu" @ brother-in-law. Take this opportunity to wish my sister and my brother-in-law a "Happy and wonderful marriage together and a great journey together".