Sunday, February 1, 2009

Made To Perfection (Customization)

Above : Customization for Jobina
Yet another 2 more orders from Jobina. Bracelet and Alphabet Keychains for her friends. Just love the keychains.

Above : Customization for Joyce

Above - Its another customization for Joyce and its another watch. A combination of Swarovski pearls and crystals. Colour choosen is pink & grey.

Above : Customization for Jobina's friend

Above - Hooray! Another 2 more charm bracelet order for kids. This time these bracelets are for 4 year old kids. Cool!

Above : Customization for Pey Ming

Above - These 2 bracelet is an alteration and modification from 4 strands of pearls. Added in few separators and it turn out to be very gorgeous and elegant bracelets.

Above : Customization for Zarina

Above - A charm bracelet from a selection of all coloured charms. A very nice selection of charms
Above - Customization for Lisa

Above - A combination of pewter and coloured charms to form a charm bracelet. Pretty!

Above : Customization for Jacy

Above - Yahoo! Got an order from Jacy to make 30 keychains which she intend to give it to her friends who she have not seen in 30 years in the coming reunion dinner.

Above : Customization for Sue Ann

Above - All selection from Sue Ann are bracelet. The first bracelet which has love crystals are actually redeisng from her existing bracelet which has some pearls on it.

Above : Customization for Fieza

Above - Fieza is in love with slippers and sandals. So all her customization are made fro slipper and sandal charms.

Above : Customization for Joyce

Above - Another customization for Joyce as she wanted a watch to match her earring and necklace.

Above : Customization for Joyce

Above - This was created for Joyce for her coming dinner. Hope she'll like it. But i personally love it myself.

Above : Customization for Jayde
Above - A special design just for Jayde as she has requested something similar to Ashley's necklace.

Above : Customization for Puteri

Above - Got a request from Puteri to do a necklace which is something similar to Flower Power. She pick out the charm herself.

Above : Customization for Jobina

Above - My first creation of charm bracelet for kids. Order came in from Jobina asking me to customize 2 bracelets using the Mickey Charm series for 2 kiddo age 2 and 4. I think it will be very cool for kids at such a young age to wear my creation.

Above : Customization for Ashley

Above - This was a design which Ashley requested me to do for her and her friend. A friendship necklace i believe. Combination of charms and crystals.