Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Special Special Project for my Bestest Friend Wedding

16/02/09 - Finally i'm done with all 550 pieces and successfully handed it over to my best friend. Hope her guest will love it. And my next major project is for my dearest sister. Its for her wedding. Will be making her wedding cards and wedding favor too. Will upload them soon when i start to work on it.
01/02/09 - Time is drawing very near. I have not much time left for me. I've pass the 300 pieces line. Another 205 to go! Need to be more hardworking. Have been taking it easy due to the CNY holidays was so long. Need to get some butt kicking.
A quick update. Made 200++ as at today (26/01/2009). Another 300++ to go. Phew! Tangan also patah already. But its ok. Cause it is for my best friend. Kah Yau!
I'm working on a major project for my best friend's wedding that is coming up in end of February. This will be a mojor one as I need to hand make 550 pieces of "Bajus" for her chopsticks which she is going to give as favors to all her invited guests at the wedding dinner. So far i've only make 30 pieces. 520 more to go! Wish me luck as i only got one pair of hands to do it. Take a sneak preview of how the "Baju" will look like for her chopsticks........

Bev, hope you will like it!